Top 5 Amazing Cafes in Mumbai

The nightlife of Mumbai is beyond description. The city that never sleeps is also praised for its amazing cafes. These cafes not only serve coffees but also help the guests to enjoy their evening. Thus, the cafes have also played a crucial role in making an amazing nightlife of Mumbai. So, here are some of the cafes in Mumbai that you should visit while your stay in Mumbai.

Sea Lounge : A cafe, where you could enjoy not only tea and coffee but a huge array of delectable pastries. The guests could indulge in a regal tea experience and also serve pleasure to the taste buds by providing delicious sweets and savories from various Asian countries. The high tea, served in Sea Lounge is accompanied with pastries, kebabs, scones, dim sum, hot snacks, etc. Thus, for a perfect evening, the guests could also choose from crepes, coffee, and chocolates. To keep the ambiance lively, the café has live jazz evenings and the cafe is open from eight to midnight.

Starbucks : Starbucks Coffee Company, since 1971 has been involved in sourcing and roasting the premium quality arabica coffee. Following the tradition of serving the best, today there are almost 17,000 stores all round the globe. This cafe is the prime choice of the guests as the coffee, served here, earns the utmost satisfaction to the guests. Thus, every cup of coffee served here is a unique experience of life.

Salt Water Café : A delectable taste of coffee, which is impossible to forget, is only possible at Salt Water Cafe. The European flavors in the coffee and delectable cuisines make this cafe live up to the growing expectations of the guests. The tall two storied building with a casual seating area, romantic terrace and an elegant bar make this cafe a perfect destination to celebrate any occasion.

Le Café : The ambiance of this cafe is beyond descriptions. The decoration and interiors of the Le Cafe keep the guests feel amazed. There are framed art pieces that peep down from the walls and as cherry on the iced cake, there are European delicacies in the menu. Further, a musician strumming on his guitar also adds an endearing appeal to the cafe. Thus, for a memorable evening with your friends or loved one, this is the perfect place to go. 

Suzette Nariman Point : With a trendy ambiance, mouthwatering cuisines and refreshing coffee, this Suzette Nariman Point is a cafe to spend the evening at. Here, the guests could find a huge array of natural juices, fine teas, smoothies, etc., from the espresso bar. The cafe is a perfect place for the guests wanting to enjoy a French experience. 


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