Nightlife in Kenya

On a visit to Kenya, there are so many activities that one can do and so many places to visit during the night. These includes visiting night clubs, casinos, attending cultural nights, cinemas, theatres, night game drives in conservancies and so much more. The most vibrant towns at night are Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Eldoret. 

The nightclubs come with all that a person intending to party will enjoy. This ranges from blazing music to cool dishes, drinks and so much more. Among the best places to consider for night clubbing in Nairobi are Westlands and CBD. Some of the most celebrated names include Florida 2000, Club Bettyz, Riviera, among others. In the coast, there is Casablanca, Florida nightclub, Mamba International, and many more. In Eldoret, one can consider Club Spree or Club Signature. In Nakuru, there are Dimples, Tidys, and Guava. The music played in the clubs is phenomenal and of all kind. Experienced professional DJs spin the jockeys and make the revelers go wild. Variety of food and drink is offered. Most of them offer roast meat, which in Kenya is referred to as Nyama choma.

Casinos in Kenya are of international standards. Most are located in Nairobi and Mombasa. Some even offer free wireless internet connections. Some of the games offered by Kenyan casinos include Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em, Bonus Card Poker, 3-card Poker, Pontoon, and so many others. Some of the best names in Nairobi include, Florida casino, International Hotel. In Mombasa, there is Blue Sky casino, Casino Malindi, and Golden Key. 

The Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi hosts various Cultural nights. These are themed according to the culture of a particular ethnic group. This may include the ethnic group’s traditional songs. E.g. the Kikuyu have mugithi, the Luo have Ohangla, and so on. The group’s staple food is also offered on such a night. E.g. Mukimo and Githeri for Kikuyu, Muthokoi for the Kamba, Ugali and chicken for the Luhya, mursik for the Kalenjin and so on. The revelers will usually come dressed in their cultural traditional wear, such as shukas, vitenges, kikoi etc. The occasions are usually accompanied by pomp and color, and are very jovial. You may even learn some of the ethnic languages because it will usually be the main means of communication.
Some conservancies offer night game drives. This includes, the Buffalo Springs Game Conservancy in Laikipia. The advantage of doing a night game drive is that one gets to view some of the nocturnal wild animals such as owls, leopards, bats and others.

There are various cinemas in Kenyan towns showing Blockbuster movies and new releases. Some also show 3D movies. In Nairobi, there is Nu-Metro cinema, 20th century Cinema, Nairobi cinema, Kenya cinema, Drive-In among others. 

There are also theaters that showcase various performances mostly comedies and culture shows. These include Alliance Franchaise that mainly deals with French activities, Kenya national theatre, Phoenix Players, among others.

During national holidays such as Christmas, new-year, and Easter, the major towns are usually busting with activities and most notably fireworks displays and religious services locally referred to as ‘Keshas’. You will experience all these and more on a typical Kenyan night.
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