Your Guide to Crack the Best Deal for a Mumbai Hotel Package

For overseas travelers especially American and European ones, it does not require them to spend big bucks for India travel. The very statement is proven by the presence of backpackers and teetotaler at various tourist destinations in India every year. It would not be wrong to say that cracking the best deal for an India holiday package is quite a difficult task because of the price charged by the shrewd tour operators. So, I’ve decided to write this blog as a helpful advice so that you get the maximum worth for your money while booking a Mumbai hotels package. This post will serve as a guide so that you won’t get conned by an Indian tour operator while any holiday or hotel package.

1.    Use your Indian connection, if not, pretend to have one

If you have any acquaintance in India, suppose a friend or colleague, tell your tour operator about it. This will make him realize that you have previously dealt with an Indian tour operator and are aware of the regular tour package prices. This would prevent him to put forth absurd prices for the deal.  In case you don’t have an Indian connection, pretend to have one. Tell him that this is your 3rd or 4th trip to India  and you have earlier been to some ABC (popular) destination in India. Make sure to do an advance research about the destination so that you sound confident while talking to him.

2.    Compare rates offered by different tour operators

In India, bargaining is an important aspect of cracking a good deal from an Indian tour operator. You need to conduct an extensive research for the rates offered by different tour operators. For example, compare the rates of Mumbai hotel packages along with inclusions and exclusions. Thereafter call your tour operator and tell him that a similar package is offered by other tour operators at a lesser price. This will help you to grab the best deal at a relatively lower price. 


 3.    Don’t disclose more than basic requirements

You should never reveal all your tour plans at the first place. This will lead to a deliberate rise in the tour cost. Always ask for basic necessities in the tour package such as accommodation, dining and airfare etc. Always keep in mind that your tour operator will try his best to lure you by offering various add-ons. For example, while booking for a Mumbai tour, ask only for accommodation and dining facilities.  It may happen that you vendor suggests you about the sightseeing trip of Mumbai. The key here is to disclose less detail so that you get better suggestions.

If all the above mentioned three tips are followed carefully, I’m sure you’ll grab the best deal.


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